Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token Correct Price Predictions

Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token Correct Price Predictions

Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token Correct Price Predictions 2022-2030

Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token Correct Price Predictions 2022-2030

Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token Price Predictions 2022


Hello Investor How Are You? Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Price Predictions In This Article I’m Going To Predict Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Price What Will Be The Next Price Of Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Token  In October 2022 Or 2023 To 2030 at The Time I’m Writing This Post  The live Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) price today is $15.95 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $132,569,183 USD. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #289, with a live market cap of $72,557,628 USD. It has a circulating supply of 4,550,000 SANTOS coins and a max. supply of 30,000,000 SANTOS coins.


Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $15.25 $15.97 $16.86
2023 $21.95 $22.75 $26.71
2024 $33.22 $34.36 $37.81
2025 $48.69 $50.40 $57.43
2026 $67.92 $70.44 $85.68
2027 $103.58 $106.40 $122.59
2028 $143.01 $147.27 $175.08
2029 $204.53 $211.89 $247.35
2030 $302.42 $310.90 $358.92
2031 $439.31 $451.75 $526.71


Santos FC Fan (SANTOS) Correct Price Predictions

Well I’m Not Pro In Crypto Price Predictions But I Collect Some Data From Clever Crypto Traders So Don’t Take This Price Predictions Seriously. I’m Not Saying That This Is Totally Wrong But We All Know That This Is Not Possible To Predict Future.


Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2022

As of the end of 2022, Santos FC Fan Token price predictions are mostly pessimistic, predicting a decline to $13.244 (TradingBeast) and even lower, down to $3.574 (according to by the end of 2022.

Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2023

In their Santos FC Fan Token price predictions for 2023, WalletInvestor forecasts the coin’s price to go down to $8.72056 by December. Forecasting Santos FC Fan Token future, expects further decrease of its price, too, saying the Santos FC Fan Token price will reach ~$2.00144 by that time. On the contrary, TradingBeast keeps predicting Santos FC Fan Token price growth, quoting prices around ~$21.363 in 2023.

Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2024

Santos FC Fan Token price predictions for 2024 are still predominantly negative, with some analysts promising prices in the $3.14512–$9.72128 range (WalletInvestor,, while TradingBeast takes a different view and cites the possibility of the price reaching $28.863 in December 2024.

Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2025

WalletInvestor has only pessimism in store for the 2025 Santos FC Fan Token price prediction, valuing Santos FC Fan Token at $13.72416 by the end of 2025. agrees with a negative forecast and predicts, in turn, $2.1444 for the same period. On the other hand, Trading Beast’s team is more optimistic — their Santos FC Fan Token price prediction for December of this year is just $34.514.

Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2030

Most experts are expecting an encouraging future for Santos FC Fan Token: long-term Santos FC Fan Token price predictions promise significant growth by 2030. WalletInvestor predicts the price to reach $16.29744, while goes for $21.58696. TradingBeast also puts big hopes on Santos FC Fan Token in the long term: its Santos FC Fan Token prediction for 2030 is $25.54036.

1. Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2022
2. Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2023
3. Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2024
4. Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2025
5. Santos FC Fan Token Price Prediction for 2030

What Is Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)?

Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS) is a fan token of the eponymous football team that was launched by a partnership between Santos FC and Binance Launchpool. Santos FC, aka Santos Futebol Clube, is a Brazilian sports club in the state of São Paulo, based in Vila Belmiro.

The pandemic hit football clubs hard, and as a result, the concept of a fan token was born. The fans were delighted, then the investors picked up the enthusiasm.

The collaboration between Binance and Santos FC was confirmed in November 2021 with an official statement published on the football club’s social network pages. The agreement of the two parties layed out the conditions to the launch the fan token. Binance acquired the status of sponsor and licensee, earning the right to operate NFTs products. The goal of this alliance is to increase fan engagement, build relationships between the club and fans, and attract the attention of Binance customers.

$SANTOS owners receive a number of benefits: participation in the life of the club and the right to vote in polls. Moreover $SANTOS token holders can gain access to exclusive rewards, privileges, limited & collectible NFTs and to the gamification process.

SANTOS was available via Binance Launchpad from November 27, 2021 to December 28, 2021.



Who Are the Founders of Santos FC Fan Token?

Brazilian football club Santos was founded in 1912 by three local sportsmen: Francisco Raymundo Marques, Mário Ferraz de Campos, and Argemiro de Souza Junior.

Santos is famous for its players’ strong technique and strict discipline. Over the years the team has unveiled stars like Pelé, Neymar and Rodrygo. Pelé is considered one of the greatest players in the world and devoted most of his career to Santos FC, scoring more than 500 goals.

Santos FC is one of the most successful clubs in the country, participating in Paulistão – the State of São Paulo’s premier state league, and Brasileirão – the top league of the Brazilian football league system. The football club is an eight-time national champion of Brazil, also a record holder — winning 24 titles in 10 years.

As of December 2021, the club is coached by Fábio Carille, and Santos FC has 10 million followers on social media.



What Makes Santos FC Fan Token Unique?

The benefits of Santos FC Fan Token include:

Token holders can participate in sensitization activities like voting sessions, which take place on the Binance Fan Token platform.

Token holders get access to fan rewards, digital collectibles, and loyal points. SANTOS owners use NFT Santos FC for fan rewards.

With SANTOS and Binance Pay, users can pay for unique goods and merchandise, match tickets, club memberships.

One of the main benefits for loyal fans is interacting with Santos FC and getting involved in the club’s life. SANTOS holders have an advantage; they can attend meetings with football legends, autograph sessions, and football training sessions.

If fans have a certain amount of SANTOS, then various gamification features are available on the Binance Fan Token platform.

Fans can demonstrate loyalty to their favorite team and donate SANTOS directly, receiving a proof-of-loyalty badge.



How Many Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Santos FC Fan Token, or SANTOS, is a BEP-20 token deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – a blockchain that has become famous for its high speed and low transaction fees.

The maximum supply of $SANTOS is 30,000,000 coins, and as of December 2021, 4,550,000.00 $SANTOS is in circulation (15% of the total supply). Allocation of tokens:

User Fund – 35%

Developer Fund – 25%

Team – 20%

Loyalty Subscription – 15%

Binance Launchpool – 5%

The main role played by the SANTOS token is the link between Santos FC and its fan base. As for the application, SANTOS is used for collectibles, limited NFTs, voting rights, gamification, engagement rewards and special perks.



How Is the Santos FC Fan Token Network Secured?

In early December, Binance announced the launch of the Santos FC Fan Token as part of the Binance Launchpool, where a KYC procedure is a prerequisite for participation.

Binance Launchpool is a platform that allows users to deposit their tokens for free, as well as earn new ones. The project was initiated in 2020 with a focus on investors interested in passive income.

Thus, Binance is responsible for the security of Santos FC Fan Token. The company has its own blockchain – Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is secured by the Tendermint byzantine-fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism.

Where Can You Buy Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)?

As of December 2021, like other fan tokens, SANTOS can be purchased on major crypto exchanges, among them: Binance, Pancakeswap (V2), Binance TR, HitBTC, and Mandaka Exchange.


SANTOS Price Prediction 2022

For long-term Santos FC Fan Token price predictions, basic analysis is essential. In terms of industry benefits, the native token offers a few. The digital economy’s autonomy makes it ideal. As DAPPs and stable coins develop, the network offers competitive programmable payment, logistics, and storage options. There is a chance that the average price of SANTOS will rise to about $17.13 by 2022 if more investors are attracted to the idea. For 2022, the year can end with an maximum price of $27.79 with a minimum price level of $26.87.


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This forecast has not been reviewed by a professional and should not be used for making any final financial decisions! ‘s Past performance does not guarantee future results. I’m a Human So Human Error Is Possible Don’t Take It serious My Friend.

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